Construction underway at Árböðin

Construction of a new spa pool in Laugarás Biskupstung is in preparation, but the goal is to open in May 2025. The pool, which has been named Árböðin, will be located in the middle of the uplands of Árnes County on the banks of Hvítá River. Design is completed and earthworks will begin at the end of February.

When designing the lagoon, special emphasis was placed on the fact that it would be a diverse experience for visitors. The lagoon offers a multifaceted experience, whether it is in the form of hot or cold bathing areas, a sauna, relaxation spaces or restaurants. The pool will be divided into levels, and to travel between the upper and lower pool, the visitor will go down through a hole in the water surface and come out through a small waterfall into the lower pool.

Architects are T.ARK, engineering design is at Efla and Hildiberg is in charge of lighting design.

The project manager is Þórunn Arnardóttir.

Construction underway at Verne Global

Mannverk and Verne Global have signed a construction contract for further development of the data center and to increase the capacity of the data center at Ásbrú.

The new data center building will be 12,000m2 and the construction is well underway. Mannverk is the main contractor and the works include i.a. including facility creation, earthwork, concreting, steel structure, cladding along with all finishing of cooling systems and electrical equipment.

Data Center Campus Expansion

Mannverk has completed a 3,600m2 expansion phase in data center for Verne Global in Reykjanesbær. This is 4 MW in IT load in three computer rooms. The project overall went very well and was done in close collaboration with the owners. Mannverk would also like to thank all the parties involved in the project for active participation, inputs and excellent cooperation.